The perks of being a wallflower

I packetet som jag visade upp igår på bloggen fanns det tre 1D böcker, julias present och boken the perks of being a wallflower.  Är helt kär i filmen o ville läsa boken, så den blev hembeställd den med! :D 
  Började läsa i den på vägen till Julia och jag var redan såld efter första sidan! Ska visa ett par exempel! 

"So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying yo figure out how that could be." första sidan. 

"As much as I feel sad, I think that not knowing is what really bothers me" tredje sidan
"You know...a lot of kids at school hate their parents. Some of them got hit. And som of them got caught in the middle of the wrong lives. Some of them were trophies for their parents to show the neighbors like ribbons or gold stars. And som of them just want to drink in peace. 
 For me personally, as much as i don't understand my mom and dad and as much as i feel sorry for both of them sometimes, I can't help but love them very much." stor favorit. 
"Dear friend. 
 Do you know what 'masturbation' is? I think you probably do because you are older than me. But just in case, I will tell you. Mastrubation is when you rub  your genitals untill you have an orgasm. Wow! " asgarv
"And I wonder if anyone is really happy. I hope they are. i really hope they are. 
  Bill looked at me locking at people, and after class, he asked me what i was thinking about, and I told him. He listened, and he nodded and make 'affirmation' sounds. When I had finsihed, his face changed into a 'serious talk' face. 
"Do you always think this much Charlie?"
"Is that bad?" I just wanted someone to tell me the truth. 
"Not necessarily. It's just that sometimes people use thought to not participate in life."
"Is that bad?"
"I think i participate, though, Don't you think I am?"
"Well, are you dancing at these dances?"
"I'm not a very good dancer"
"Are you going on dates?"
"Well, I don't have a car, and even if I did, I can't drive because I'm fifteen, and anyways, I haven't met a girl I like except for Sam, but I am too young for her, and she would always have to drive, which I don't think is fair." 
 Bill smiled and continued asking me questions. Slowly, he got to 'problems at home'. And I told him about the boy who makes mix tapes hitting my sister because my sister only told me not to tell mom or dad about it, so I figured I could tell Bill. He got this very serious look on his face after I told him, and he said something to me I don't think i will forget this semester or ever.
" Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve"    min favorit del !!! 

""I hate you."
My sister said it different than she said it to my dad. She ment it with me. She really did.
"I love you" was all I could say in return.
"You're a freak, you know that? You've always been a freak. Everyone says so. They always have."
"I'm trying not to be."   " heart breaking. 
"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite"